An Easy to Use Orally Dissolving Taste Masked powder blend.


Ibuprofen Single dose, Orally Dissolving Powder-Blend formulations, are palatable tasting and made suitable for (stick-pack) sachet packaging, intended for sprinkle-on administration on the tongue.

Our formulations are developed as dry-powder-blend compositions made suitable for manufacturing in a conventional facility and process, not requiring any specific process equipment investments.


Our Oral Ibuprofen Formulations dissolve quickly in the mouth, are pleasant and convenient and can be administered anytime anywhere with or without water. And avoid taking notoriously large and hard to swallow Ibuprofen sugar coated tablets.

Our formulations are Taste Masked and Orange flavored.


Ibuprofen Orally Dissolving Powder-Blend formulations were made possible and successfully developed through the combination of our proprietary Dry-Powder & Taste Masking Technologies.

A particularly suitable technology combination in the formulation of quickly dissolving products.

Increase convenience.

The need to continuously work on improving patient compliance and convenience in administering oral drugs is embedded in our DNA. Especially when we formulate products for those who care for Children and ‘Silver Generation’ patients.

When our mindset to increase convenience translates into better compliance and therapeutic value for the patient, the patient benefits and our objectives are met.


Quickly acting, free of Ibuprofen typical throat-burning effects, and without preservatives and sugar.

Taste Masking principles.

It’s our philosophy to encourage clients to reflect on possible ethical safety issues in Taste Masking of drugs in general. Taste masking of drugs is basically intended to enhance therapy compliance and to safely enhance product palatability for patients and must not be cause of unauthorized or unsafe use of drugs.

Taste Masking of drug products takes place to our full capabilities and expertise, where in general we always advise clients that safety dictates that an acceptable medicinal taste level for any drug product has to be maintained.

Why Instant Powder? Improvement of patient compliance, and convenience in administering oral drugs, continues to play a key role in the success of oral drugs.

Therefore we developed our proprietary and innovative dry-blended powder technology for instant aqueous suspensions/solutions.


Our Ibuprofen 200mg & 400mg Taste Masked Oral Dissolving Powder is free for licensing. Get in touch with us today. We’d love to tell you more about it.