We convert virtually any conventional cream into a dermatological pump spray-on application.


Recognizing pharmacological and physical disadvantages in applying conventional creams ForTe anticipated by developing a PCT patented multi-purpose Derma pump spray-on emulsion technology.

Specifically designed as a Non-Aerosol pump-spray composition, free from Nanoparticles, Ethanol, Parabens, and Coloring agents.

An innovative technology developed and suitable for converting virtually any conventional cream into dermatological pump spray-on applications.


The no-touch Pump Spray-on Technology allows, through its integrated TLT (Thin Layer Tech), a more optimal application of integrated active ingredients to troubled skin.

Allowing no-touch, hygienic topical applications without cross-contamination risks, one spray-on container can be used for multiple patients/consumers.

Especially important in applying topical drugs which are sensitive to the skin or applied in treating chronic skin disorders.


ForTe bv developed this proprietary Derma Spray Technology with an integrated skin-caring base cream which has proven skin emollient & moisturizing properties, supporting skin barrier protection and hydration of the skin.

The spray-on technology is quick, simple and economical in use and saves valuable treatment time in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care institutes.

Derma pump spray-on emulsion technology.

Applied ingredients in the ForTe Derma pump spray-on emulsion technology are tested for their non-allergen properties and comply with current state of the art guidelines.

The technology is successfully tested and suitable in the development for several topical OTC/Skin Caring Cosmetics and Medicated topical spray-cream products/indications, like Anti-Infectives, Antibiotics, Fungicides and Zinc salts in a range of drug load concentrations.

  • Dermatological conditions are estimated to affect 20-33% of the general population at all time, and 10% of these will suffer serious impairment of their daily activities as a result of their skin complaints. When considering skin complaints, it is important to distinguish between diseases of the skin itself and systemic diseases with cutaneous manifestation

  • Where skin disorders originating from systemic diseases are regularly symptomatically treated to avoid worsening of the cutaneous manifestation, skin disorders caused by diseases of the skin itself are directly treated to cure the skin disorder


Derma-spray products are full service supplied under ForTunique brand or Private Brand from The Netherlands, throughout the EU and beyond.

Convenience, hygiene and high quality.

To this date, treatment of many skin disorders had to take place with conventional creams or ointments administered from a regular cream or ointment packaging.

In most cases, only specifying towards a patient that finger-tip volumes of product should be taken out, subsequently to more or less random spread the product over troubled skin areas by hand.

Next to the previous pharmacological important hygiene and dosing aspects most applied conventional creams also do not answer to the additional patient needs to improve physical patient compliance, e.g. messy fingers, need to touch irritated skin.

Example Derma spray applications

Sold via the Sales & Marketing department of ForTunique bv

Zinc Oxide 10% spray Original

Zinc Oxide 10% spray Original

Original Zinc Oxide 10% Derma-Pump-Spray is known to effectively block moisture from the skin and is especially suitable to soothe and relieve diaper rash discomfort in babies and adults.

Where the unique product properties are also known to be an ideal and effective remedy in relieving an array of skin disorders on the adult skin for example in case of incontinence or stains.

Zinc Oxide 10% + Cham/Cal

Zinc Oxide 10% enriched

Zinc Oxide 10% Derma-Spray enriched with Natural Chamomile and Calendula extracts is ideal to enrich and replenish dry or extra sensitive skin.

Where added Natural extracts help to extra refresh, rebuild and sooth the affected skin areas by added antiseptic and skin blood circulation improving product properties.

Maintaining an effective blockage of moisture from your baby’s skin with added Zinc Oxide to relieve your baby’s diaper rash discomfort.

Where the unique product properties are also known to be an ideal and effective remedy in relieving an array of minor skin disorders on the adult skin.

Cooling spray

Cooling spray

The combination of Zinc oxide and Menthol is the ideal combination to cool, nurture, soothe, soften, protect and calm red, sensitive and irritated skin.

When the skin is irritated for example in the case of chickenpox, scratching is the first thing you want to do and that is damaging the skin. The added menthol in the formulation has a cooling effect on the skin, causing the skin to calm and relax.

Zinc oxide leaves a thin protective layer on the skin. The ingredients in combination with the pump spray-on technology make this product ideal to take care of the skin when this is very sensitive and touching hurts.

Dexpanthenol 2% or 5% Spray

Dexpanthenol 2% or 5% Spray

Dexpanthenol 2% or 5% Derma-Spray contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which is known to effectively protect baby’s skin being especially suitable to soothe and relieve baby’s diaper rash discomfort.

Where the unique product properties are also known to be an ideal and effective remedy in relieving an array of minor skin disorders on the adult skin.

Centella Asiatica 1% Spray

Centella Asiatica 1% Spray

Centella Asiatica 1% Derma-Spray contains a Natural extract of the Asian Pennywort plant which is known to have a positive effect on the skin by improving the blood circulation in scar forming processes.

The unique Natural Centella Asiatica extract properties are also known to have a good antibacterial effect, being an ideal and effective remedy in relieving an array of minor skin disorders on the adult skin.

Body spray

Body spray

The Body spray is a good example of the range of cosmetic creams that we have available based on our Pump spray-on technology.

The combination of ingredients in our Body spray for adults makes this product an extra nourishing pump spray-on body cream to care, soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive and mature skin of the body. Ideal for daily care. 

The cream is ultra-light, quickly absorbed and non-greasy. The formula is 24 hours moisturizing and regenerative.

A lovely soft fragrance can be added to satisfy all senses. Our body spray leaves the skin extra soft and smooth.

Next to the body spray for adults, we have a version for babies/little children. Also hand cream and foot cream are part of the assortment for adults and babies.

Unique Derma spray product properties

  • Hygienic application & no need to touch the irritated skin

  • Replenishes dry or extra sensitive skin

  • Easy to use, Effective and Efficient, just spray-on

  • No messy fingers

  • Perfume and Allergen Free & Free of colouring agents

  • Suitable for the Adult skin & Sensitive Baby skin

Regulatory status

  • ForTe’s Derma spray technology is formulated with generally acceptable non-allergen excipients and dermatological tested (NOT tested on Animals), proven safe and harmless on human skin.

  • Complying to current EU/FDA guidelines for respectively Cosmetic, Medicated and OTC skin protectant products.


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