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CRect™ - Rectal controlled release system

Technology Description

ForTe bv has developed an innovative Lypophilic sustained release technology, suitable for integration in suppository and enema formulations.

The technology comprises a product integrated Lypophylic ingredients combination which create sustained release properties in rectally administered products.

The sustained release of API's from products is obtained by the technology typical mechanically induced emulsifying effect of certain ingredients. No emulsifying agents are used.

The system has been applied as a platform technology in two types of Human rectal Analgesic products and was clinically proven to be effective against marketed product whilst reducing the administration frequency of the ForTe product from 4x/day to 2x/day.

Licensing & Intellectual Property

ForTe bv offers its expert services in the client’s formulation process and aims to license the CRect™ technology for specific applications, products and/or specific territories. Whilst ForTe maintains the intellectual property of the technology.

If so desired we would be pleased to arrange a product specific confidentiality agreement and appointment in order to share any additional information you may require, please feel free to contact us.