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DP™ -Dry Powder Technology

ForTe bv has developed an innovative dry-blended powder technology for instant aqueous suspensions/solutions.

Applicable as a proprietary platform technology for a range of active ingredients used in pharmaceutical human and veterinary Rx & OTC products.

ForTe’s Instant Suspension Powder Technology comprises a specific combination of conventionally available Pharmaceutical excipients, (e.g. polysaccharides-polyols & solubilizers). This specific excipients combination makes it possible to instantly reconstitute ‘Shake & Use’ aqueous based suspensions or solutions.

The system has fast and instant suspending properties and is designed for application in single or multi-dose products. Either for use as a conventional suspension or for use as a special suspension, with integrated taste masking and/or controlled release properties. The system allows a drug load up to 30% solids. 

Technology Properties

ForTe’s Instant Suspension Powder Technology has excellent wettability, viscosity and “settling-rate” properties. Our findings show a clear advantage over the tested competitor excipients. Illustrated in the following graphs.


Tested Applications

ForTe has successfully tested and applied the technology in various Rx & OTC indication areas, e.g. Analgesics, Antibiotics, Antacids, Disinfectants, Proton-pump inhibitors, Anti diabetes and a range of Cough & Cold formulations.

ForTe’s applied Instant technology is also available for the formulation of your specific product needs.

Just add water

The technology is formulated as an Instant “Shake & Use” powder system suitable for the Instant reconstitution of suspensions & solutions. Which after reconstitution either result fully dispersed and stable suspensions or in complete solutions.

Our available formulated single dose Instant “dry powder” products do not require additional preservatives, eliminate contamination risks during manufacturing and storage, substantially reduce  operational and logistic costs (storage and shipping).

In addition, formulations can be customized with our Taste Masking Technology to further improve patient compliance for specially children and elderly patients.

Unique & distinctive properties: ForTe Instant suspensions/solutions technology

  • Free flowing powder
  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent consistency
  • Homogeneous product
  • Taste masked
  • Improved portability

Technical aspects

  • Low manufacturing costs
  • No preservatives required
  • Increased shelf life


ForTe’s Instant suspensions/solutions Powder Technology comprises Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in compliance with EP/USP standards.


ForTe products are available for licensing as a total Technology concept for specific API applications and in specific territories whilst ForTe maintains the intellectual property of the technology.