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"ForTe bv is very proud to be selected in the Top 100 of most Innovative Companies in The Netherlands with our Derma Spray Technology and Spray-on Dermatological products"
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Our Business

ForTe bv continuously focuses on offering our product development services, technology support/consultancy in a service integrated concept in a coordinated ‘virtual’ environment. We will offer all that is required to assist our clients in the realization of their business objectives.

ForTe bv considers it critical to provide full services, in this sense we anticipate on the actual needs of the market at large. We continue to offer a wide domain of services, which requires close cooperation with value-added project partners and/or clients.

In consolidation of this approach we have and will continue to build on an international network of contributing value added companies, offering more than the completion of an assignment. We continuously are searching for project partner companies that can offer project related state-of-the-art value added to our clients base, while being prepared to share our commitment to the business objective of our clients.

Upon receiving a client request ForTe bv will evaluate whether it fits within our scope of services. If the request is a fit we proceed in building an open business relation based on mutual confidence and personal project management.

Working with a number of (virtual) synergistic partners we are able to offer and coordinate all complimentary services required to meet the requirements of clients in the International Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries.