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FlavoRiTe ™- Taste Masking Technology

Technology Description

ForTe’s FlavoRiTe Taste Masking technology is based on the application of a specific complex of uncoated flavor masking agents and viscosity enhancing agents in a proprietary process.

FlavoRiTe utilizes a Flavor-accent-fitted extension process that in essence is custom-made to interrelate with the negative taste characteristics of the drug. This basic synergy process instigates deception of the taste receptors in the mouth and is further enhanced with the proper selection of flavoring agents to achieve optimal taste performance.

The basic synergy process is additionally supported by the application of viscosity enhancing agents which increase the taste quality and mouth feel.

FlavoRiTe aims to provide taste masking for unpleasant (bitter) taste accents in two subsequent phases after administration of the liquid or solid dosage forms, e.g. the onset and after-taste.

The technology exists as a platform technology which is suitable for custom- made product development or product improvement of existing products and is designed with Pharmaceutical grade G.R.A.S. a) excipients.

a) Generally Recognized As Save Substance (FDA)

Applied Technology

ForTe has applied the FlavoRiTe technology in various Pharmaceutical solid and liquid products for oral application.

The FlavoRiTe technology is suitable for integration in various solid and aqueous based Pharmaceutical oral dosage forms including orally disintegrating tablets, prompt or controlled release dosage forms, solutions/suspensions.

The FlavoRiTe technology can be economically applied in any conventional cGMP Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and does not require additional investment in technology specific equipment. 

Note: it is ForTe’s philosophy to encourage its clients to reflect on possible ethical safety issues in Taste Masking of drugs in general. Taste masking of drugs is basically intended to enhance therapy compliance and to safely increase product palatability for patients and must not be cause of unauthorized or unsafe use of drugs.

ForTe performs Taste Masking of products to its full capability and expertise but advises in general to maintain an acceptable medicinal taste level.

Potential Applications

The FlavoRiTe technology is suitable as a custom-made alternative for current branded and/or generic oral solid or liquid products (solutions- suspensions) but can also be applied in product development for new applications.

FlavoRiTe is particularly suitable for use in combination with ForTe’s patented Dry Powder technology for instant “Shake-and-use” aqueous based suspension/solution products (DP)

The combined FlavoRiTe™ / DP™ technology is designed to be a platform technology for single/multi dosed powders for the reconstitution of aqueous based suspension or solution products. The combination technology can be economically applied in both Rx and OTC products.


ForTe’s Instant suspensions/solutions Powder Technology comprises Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in compliance with EP/USP standards.

Licensing & Intellectual Property

ForTe bv offers its expert services in the client’s formulation process and aims to license the FlavoRiTe technology for specific applications, products and/or specific territories. Whilst ForTe maintains the intellectual property of the technology.

If so desired we would be pleased to arrange a product specific confidentiality agreement and appointment in order to share any additional information you may require, please feel free to contact us.