Top 100 Innovative Companies
"ForTe bv is very proud to be selected in the Top 100 of most Innovative Companies in The Netherlands with our Derma Spray Technology and Spray-on Dermatological products"
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Management & staff

Mr. Peter Meijlink as CTO/CEO of ForTe IQ bv oversees all R&D/Product Development and Project Management activities. Peter is assisted by a team of highly skilled technicians.

Mr. Geert ter Schure as CFO/Business Partner of ForTe IQ bv oversees Financial, Sales & Marketing business activities. Geert is assisted by a team of experienced commercial managers.

It is our strong belief that combined knowledge of people is the greatest asset of and for our company.

In addition to in-house staff at the Molenhoek facility, ForTe extensively collaborates with a number of expert and industry specialists on an “as-needed” basis, depending on project requirements for each project.

Where the complete team is responsible for the successful completion of projects at hand.


ForTe bv complies with administrative cGMP standards, in order to assure overall ability to trace our activities. The Dutch regional inspector of the Ministry of Health is informed about ForTe’ activities.